Friday, June 11, 2010

Weary like a Log in the Fog

Smeared is my mind
in the name of fatigue.
Fatigue is like a rapist
in the broad daylight.
It robs you of your strength.

Still, something about fatigue
in the daylight,...
a speckle about fatigue,
something like a hint of untouchability.
It leaves you with a dreamy feeling.
who wouldn't want a dreamy feeling
all day long,
all day long,
and then, one can dream all night long.
Not bad a bargain, right.

Just until the first star
meets the falling sky
of the night,
comes the moonlight.
It can't be all so bad.
The waking hour will come,
like a new home.
It becomes,
one star invites others
and constellations form.
Before we know it,
we aren't tired anymore.

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