Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Questions in the form of answers.

A cobalt blue convertible car sat on the side of the road.
It was but a faraway lone road.
A vast savanna sprawled on the other side
of the road.
Lions and tigers grazed
on the bright yellow grounds
which resembled
the terrain of a desert mountain.
I only looked away for a second.
Before I knew it,
Tex was on the other side
appearing more like a moving dot
with an figure of a dog.

"Look over there",
I was alerted.
only to notice the lion whooshing Tex
high in the air like a tossed ball arching to its receiver.
With a crouched heart,
I watched Tex land right on the ground
next to a tiger.
Still, he was like a moving dot
with the figure of a dog.

"We have to let him go."
as I looked on at the oddly tranquil ruckus
as we watched from afar.

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