Saturday, May 15, 2010

A stroke of collectivity.

What can I say now?
No matter how close
I think I am
to an universal truth,
still I am
conveniently reminded
I know not a single thing.

Like a bowling ball,
how it will roll
down its alley...
people will tumble as they are.
they will pop as they really are.

All strokes of luck,
you never know what you get.
You buy a caramel candy apple on a stick.
You are left with a stomachache and a stick.
You bump into a mountain lion on a little trek.
You are given a ride to the summit.
You never know what you get.

All I want is the truth.
Is that much to ask for?

Come on out of the thickets.
There is nothing to hide.
It is perfectly healthy
to tell the truth.

All strokes of people,
let's just count on love
and telling your truth.
If it is hiding behind layers.
Peel and weep them away.
It is for the best,
just for the best.

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