Monday, January 4, 2010


Like a fine thread,
the mind is helplessly aimless
just until the
fine thread
connects to a needlepoint.
Finally, it then begins to weave.
The mind needs a sense of belief
in order to connect to the core.
The core of a being holds the soul.
The mind is but a mere tool.
We just have it backwards.
It is a commonly preferred or merely believed falsehood
that the mind holds such power.
Think about it;
The mind is where doubt resides.
we all know that there is
Even science knows it.
Now that there is infinity at all,
it's clear that we all play a part of it all.
Still, we stumble past the bit of knowledge
we believe to be vital.
Right then,...
we fail the face of surrender.
If only,...
we begin to surrender.
Oh what we would discern!