Friday, August 28, 2009


So, tell me...
who has not been robbed.
No, I am not talking about being mugged
at the ATM machine.

For the thousandth time,
being robbed in the monetary means
compared to being robbed
in a spiritual sense.

I will tell you this,...
if you will look at it this way...
a baby is robbed
of its natural state of "mind"
the very second
the baby is shown
one needs words to reciprocate in life.

Now, tell me,
what have YOU been robbed of?

"Intelligence is the inborn capacity to see,
to perceive.
Every child is born intelligent,
then made stupid by the society.
We educate him in stupidity,
and sooner or later
he graduates in stupidity."

Rain makes good medicine

May you see the rain
the way I see it.
Rain falls from the skies
like a healing dance.
When was the last time
you looked up in the skies
and let rain fall on your face?

Let a heart of sorrow,
or maybe,
a mind like a broken record
be the reason.
we just need the rain
to wash it all away.

Is it such a crime
to believe?
Is there a reason
for the heart
to feel such things?
Call the melodies of the heart
gifts from the divine.
what about the times
we need to heal?

Oh, the rain.
The rain washes it all away.
The rain comes in
swaying downward
doing a healing dance.
We just need
a little bit of rain
and time.

Let the rain wash it away,
whatever it is that you need gone.
Let the rain take it for you.
Breathe in the dance
the rain is doing for you.
One day
we shall see
why rain is so sacred.

Are you awake?

"Life does not consist mainly, or even largely, of facts and happenings. It consists mainly of the storm of thought that is forever flowing through one's head."
-Mark Twain

Monday, August 17, 2009

What do i remember after all that I've forgotten?

In the thickness of silence,
I find myself drowning in indescribable peace.
Slowly I recall...
how I often forget
to write of happiness.

Happiness melts in the mouth of truth.
Never there has been a clearer sign
of divine light in pleasure.
I only want to embrace
what I believe
I've been given.

Divinity is like a spectrum
of complex beauty in truth
blended in fine, fine sand.

There is an aroma about you.
As the air of your aroma settles on the ground
of my existence,
I only know it is simply a part
of my truth,
a truth in my journey.
Something about you inspire me.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


How we need a bag of sunshine
even when it rains rainbows.
We just need sunshine
to survive.
Oh, just to survive!

If you will see,
we need a bag of sunshine.
When we stop and reflect,
we need sunshine to see.

To collect and receive,
The water's gotta be still.
Just still enough,...
as still as a dill.

Sunlight doesn't stop until
it reflects upon something.
Let it be...
a puddle of water,
a glistening body of lake,
a shimmering, vast sea.

To collect or receive,
the water's gotta be still,
just as still as a dill.

There is no denying that
we live not without
the sun
or the truth.

Go ahead,
look straight in the eye of the sun.
look straight in my eyes
tell me you know
everything there is to know.

Oh, to be in the groove,
I would suppose
we should sit down
and talk about the laws of nature.
Just like of Mama Earth's team,
we humans, too, need to follow the stream.

Gotta have sunshine in a bag.
So, when you need to reflect,
you can always let a bit of sunshine out.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Love or Lust

Is it really a choice?
Does love truly stand alone?
Is lust a mere form of wanderlust?

Is there not a question in life?
When answers seem to be in the cards,...
Say, a gust of wind blows the cards out of place.
What is one to do?
Fall back on your feet, right?
Even when one may not dance,
one still must sway to the given music...

You see,
doing something is not always doing something,
it is not always as it is.
Life is...

You tell me.
You make a decision.
Love or Lust.
I am not talking about going to bed with someone.
I am talking about making choices.
Love or Lust.