Saturday, September 18, 2010

A Falling Sun

It all started with a peel of orange.
Not an orange peel
a peel of orange.

a soft strip of pink.
it started to rain
shades of a sunset.

Not long after
my gut screamed at me,
"Look up!"
So, I looked.

The earth nearly shook.
No, it was my conscious mind in for a shake.
Blackness stood before the falling peels of colors
that belonged to the sun.

More like my reaction than my response
"Where is God?!"
Peels of hope and vibrance in colors continued to fall.

Drink your water.
Eat your food.
Love love.
Fiction can qualify as education.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

French Coffee Over Italian Roll

I often find myself on a battleground.
You just gotta understand.

Time for you may seem scarce...
I've just been my own best friend
as well as my own worst enemy
for so long.

It's just hard to open the door
and invite someone else into the haze of my lore.

I trust
you understand

Sure, let's get away.
Give it all away.

Wishes and dreams,
cries for freedom
pervade sweet silence
only to drown the voices.

Soon I shall wake to France
and remember to draw the curtain.

A Doubt's Dance

Are you really me?
Am I really you?

Tell me,
how can it be otherwise?

Mirror, mirror,
who is staring at me?

Am I really you?
Are you really me?

Destroy the box.
Defy the gravity of our waking illusion.

I know it is very illusory.
One second,
you think
you've done it.
The next,
you're back in the box.

It's like entering a Mario's Warp Zone.
Press B
You enter the shimmery green tunnel.
You are on a new level.
Only it is not Nintendo.
Just life.
Carpe Diem!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Oh you...
what a sad soul.
Why the achy heart?

Water is still transparent.
Food still is luminous with health
as the mind is with triggers of divine creativity.

Why the mirthless misery?
How the glimpse of blackening clouds in the midst of sunshine?
What is the dragging mystery?


Haunting lives.
Split seconds of forgotten memories.
Invisible swirl of tattered cloths.

Can you put a clock on it?
Does now require time?
Will time ever materialize?

None other than yourself.


Fleeting vehicles.
Rhythmic pedaling.
Anxious footsteps.

Smile, anyway.
Stick out your tongue.
It's okay.