Sunday, September 27, 2009

Breaking Free

One, two, three,...
well, yes, I am checking.
one, two, three,...
you know,
I am kinda having trouble
getting out of my seat.

I think the quieter
I wonder,
it mists into a ponder.
A reality in the mind of mine marches on.
A forest of truth awaits seekers.
It is where true freedom lies.

Must freedom ring,..
what would be of its ring?
Might it be the salvation of aloneness,
the medicinal relief in loving and being loved,
maybe chopping wood and carrying water?

Zen in,
Zen out.
It could become a trend.
People of the 21st century are, ahem, can be such whores.
Pardon, but whoring happens.
After all,
trends usually involve whoring.
Addictions include whoring...
I trust you get the picture.
Whoring, set aside from the duties of a prostitute,
is the means of excessive usage.
Clearly, that does not evoke freedom.

how is true freedom truly defined?.
Freedom is beyond words.
Freedom is way past flesh.
I quote Ecclesiastes,
"Even the breeze on the arm is vanity."
Yes, a bit ironic.
I am saying a word is beyond words.
It happens.

So, tell me,
help me...
it is our journey.
Well, we are in the same lifetime.
We owe it to ourselves and the future generations
if there must be any more.
How do we break free?

Saturday, September 26, 2009

The Carousel of Our Present-Day Lifetime.

One little lousy word.
Still, it is massive.
A massive little lousy word!

Time whisks away
the grainy alcohol in a cheaper-than-a-tin bottle
in the hand of desperation.
It goes fast,
yes, time.

The way I see it,
time has succeeded a fictitiously prosperous sense in our lives...
especially these days.
We succumb to the fleeting tick-tock
of the clock.

Each and every single day
there is a split-second
where the clock
meets our gawking eyes
after mindless hours stuck in a whirlwind of nothingness.

We have forgotten.
We have let life slip before our eyes.
Life or time,...
You might wonder.
I say life
time has consumed the marrow of life.

Time has crippled our sense of life.
After all,
what does one say
when one realizes the fleeting speed of a day
when it hit dusk.
"Oh, where did the time go?!"
But what about life?
Where did life of that day go!?

Recover your sense of time.
Recover the pace of your life.
Recover YOUR life,
or perhaps,
rediscover your life.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Turbulence of the Mind

States of my mind come and go
quite just like
the seasons come and go.

Served by the illumination of a perfect summer day,
I easily thrive like a gecko
only on that day, anyway.

Fathomed by a grey autumn day,
I pause more often
to the stillness
of the bay.

Are my eyes playing tricks on me?
I ask the divine
as I stand stunned
on a pleasantly frigid winter day.
"How did winter get here so quickly?"
More Silence.

As fragrant blossoms arrive,
wonders begin to dance in my head,...
as they begin to find their places
in my head
and make me believe
they have settled.
Just about when they do,
they are softly but quickly blown into the gentleness
of the spring breeze.

In all four seasons
that take their turns
in a sweet year.

The mind can only follow the heart.
Silently I am reminded
of the vast course in life
I must take on.

Oh, how I must take it well.
Seasons of life,
whatever fruit that moves you.
Devour it to the core
with your mouth.
See what you are left with.
The marrow of such fruit
what you are left with.
When a season departs,
we are left with
the marrow
of the given atmosphere.

Oh, how we must go on.
The summer air gives to the fall breeze
the fall breeze begin to drop icicles...
the icicles transform into puddles
of hydration just for spring.

Oh, what it takes to just spring back,...
Oh, such states of the mind.