Wednesday, February 23, 2011

something like a testimony

There's knowing,...

A knowing
which lies silent and pure within.
It awaits my recognition.

When I saw the laying corpse of my grandma,
I burst into tears
not because I've lost her
but because there has been a transition.
A powerful shift in the consicousness that I carry...

Would I gladly explain this clearly
but the truth is that it does not go much further
than knowing,...

An inner torch of knowing.

no more than a hum in the head

Sometimes I catch myself
Ever so silently,
I'll say
"What a sad world."
Only when this happens,
a happy, loud interception takes place.

"You kidding?"

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Reminder: Gratitude and Harmony are often holding hands.

I feel like a amateur sailor
even a sailboat weakly worthy of travel.

Wind in my face and hair
vaguely of its direction and reason.

Would I come near
could I understand the language of wind.

Hints of places to steer
bring pieces closer together.

An infinite swim in gratitude
carry one far.