Monday, June 29, 2009

"There is light in the strangest place if you look at it right."

"Somewhere over the rainbow or not"

You never know what is around the corner.
May it be something you have been waiting all your life for.
Being the hidden optimist that I am,
who would not wish for that...
Being suddenly showered with something you always dreamt of.

Sometimes something happens
and it is nearly the farthest thing from the resounding echoes of your heart.
you never know what is around the corner.
I am not throwing you a curveball.
It is just how the ball rolls.
The ball of life, of course.

Like a blue moon,
how do you see blue in the moon?
There are so many shades of blue.
How would you begin to choose a shade of blue?
It lies in your head;
the shade of blue you see in the moon.
It is in your head.
Or better,
your heart.
To discover the shade of blue in your moon,
a journey within is in order.
Go within.
Dare to discover.

Monday, June 22, 2009

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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Stepping in.

The most demanding part of living a lifetime as
an artist is the strict discipline of forcing oneself
to work along the nerve of one's own most
intimate sensitivity.
-Anne Truitt, sculptor.

"A Path's Tread"

How true.
From a very early age,
I felt a certain burn from the inside.
It always spoke to me
from the center of my torso
but never in clear words.

The burn was neither good or bad.
However, it did have a need to be fed.
Obtaining its nourishment through observance
by discovering and embracing the core
of the burn.

For a long time,
I did not quite get the burn,...
Why does it burn,
How did it happen,
What is it made of,
When did it start,
Who else has the burn?

Aha, time came.
I understood that I was an artist
discovering the ropes of life as an artist.
At last,
I dared enough
to embrace myself as an artist...
How beautiful,
how densely rich,
how amorally perspicacious,
I thought as I began to understand the burn.

Still, I do not know why it burns,...
or how it started.
Kindly remember, it is not good or bad.
If anything, it is more like a glow.
A glow without color,
but with immensity in unseen amenities.

Go ahead...
Tell me
What art is.
I want to know what you think.
I think...
it is like holding a floodlight
in the dark.
There is always something to discover
as the burn lingers,
as the glow deepens.