Monday, August 17, 2009

What do i remember after all that I've forgotten?

In the thickness of silence,
I find myself drowning in indescribable peace.
Slowly I recall...
how I often forget
to write of happiness.

Happiness melts in the mouth of truth.
Never there has been a clearer sign
of divine light in pleasure.
I only want to embrace
what I believe
I've been given.

Divinity is like a spectrum
of complex beauty in truth
blended in fine, fine sand.

There is an aroma about you.
As the air of your aroma settles on the ground
of my existence,
I only know it is simply a part
of my truth,
a truth in my journey.
Something about you inspire me.


  1. you write so well. your words are like sand, softyly blending together forming something beautiful.
    I like this... a discover thats so original and important.