Friday, August 7, 2009

Love or Lust

Is it really a choice?
Does love truly stand alone?
Is lust a mere form of wanderlust?

Is there not a question in life?
When answers seem to be in the cards,...
Say, a gust of wind blows the cards out of place.
What is one to do?
Fall back on your feet, right?
Even when one may not dance,
one still must sway to the given music...

You see,
doing something is not always doing something,
it is not always as it is.
Life is...

You tell me.
You make a decision.
Love or Lust.
I am not talking about going to bed with someone.
I am talking about making choices.
Love or Lust.


  1. Eres muy especial=You are very special.
    Te tengo muy presente=I got this very.

  2. :) u know how to work with readers.