Wednesday, August 12, 2009


How we need a bag of sunshine
even when it rains rainbows.
We just need sunshine
to survive.
Oh, just to survive!

If you will see,
we need a bag of sunshine.
When we stop and reflect,
we need sunshine to see.

To collect and receive,
The water's gotta be still.
Just still enough,...
as still as a dill.

Sunlight doesn't stop until
it reflects upon something.
Let it be...
a puddle of water,
a glistening body of lake,
a shimmering, vast sea.

To collect or receive,
the water's gotta be still,
just as still as a dill.

There is no denying that
we live not without
the sun
or the truth.

Go ahead,
look straight in the eye of the sun.
look straight in my eyes
tell me you know
everything there is to know.

Oh, to be in the groove,
I would suppose
we should sit down
and talk about the laws of nature.
Just like of Mama Earth's team,
we humans, too, need to follow the stream.

Gotta have sunshine in a bag.
So, when you need to reflect,
you can always let a bit of sunshine out.


  1. Muy bello tu poema: Very beautiful your poem.
    Suavemente construyes una imagen:Gently build an image.
    Y Te conviertes en una diosa:And you become a goddess.

  2. Muchas gracias.

    You put thoughts gracefully.

  3. wow... amazing.
    so perfect. the poem itself and how it ends with the photo. I like.
    in the beginning, it felt like a song but then it became a poem. really cool.

  4. yeah! It does have a singsong feel, then it becomes a poem, I think. Heh. It's all about how feelings flow and form into words, hm?