Thursday, November 4, 2010

Of Brumal Beauty

Go ahead.

Unlatch your mind.
Can you hear it begging you?
After all, being born is quite a startling surprise.

The true mind lies before our present minds.
The true mind tells us where to look and go.

Our present minds shuffle and shift between thoughts.
Shuffle, turn, tumble, tip-toe.
If anything, it's like a wedge.

Now soak down in your heart.
Let silence be its dialect.

There your true mind will begin to form.
I repeat, begin to form.
A seed does not provide fruit.

Like a vast farmland with a gate at the front,
you are miles from the gate.

Still, you see the gate.
Be gravitated.
Mind not the speed.

As long as the heart sings only silence,
you are well on your way.

You must wonder.
How is silence a pathway?

Silence, I will say,
as opposed to various brews of emotions.

We are before our thoughts and emotions.
We form our thoughts and emotions.
See the connection?

We form them.
We are not given them.

See the farmland now?
I bet it is closer.
Travel well.

1 comment:

  1. I'm loving this. A true Journey of a poem, brimming with truth. Silence of mind and heart only strengthens the guiding Voice. Thank you for this. :)