Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Document-Worthy (Old) Rant

You are indeed food to my soul
never any more fruit I have ever seen in my bowl.
It's like you feed me life,
Its important that you know
you make me feel vibrant now
And that life really resounds of goodness and amazing magic.

I feel like screaming
Hasn't anyone got a clue?
Earth is screaming
As this piece of truth is way overdue
What are we gonna keep on with?

Spilling tar over our eyes,
Tripping over our egos,
Distracting ourselves with figments of cowshit.
I'm sick and tired of it.
Just like a plain wave of nausea,
Sure, something like claustra.
There's no clarity.

Don't you see it?
The frantic birds overhead,
fluctuating temperatures in the weather,
little children coughing
because their bodies cannot decide.
Elderlies in winter coats on warm days
in wise preparation for the next onset (wave) of cold.
Do you fucking see it
like I do?
Do I just scatter my thoughts badly,
Am I not clear?

Tell me, I haven't got a clue.
We r all supposed to be a team.
How come do I feel like saying every cuss word I know?
But with a hint of floating revelation,
I experience a breeze of satisfaction.
Satisfaction never stays.
Like the breeze,
It travels through you.

"One day,... I'm going to walk through THIS wall."
A woman once said with utter determination.
A benz lover dismissed the determination
And thought of it as a form of dementation.
They think benzs are the safest vehicles around.
All I'm askin' is what do we really know.

What expires quicker than a dead fish left outside.
Thoughts expire so fast.
They electrify and then diminish almost in unison.
So, we gotta act fast.

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