Thursday, July 1, 2010

Earth Bath

I feel quite washed out.
Life has been a series of waves;
some majestic,
others almost too small to credit...

To be washed out,
would you think
of it
as an end
an awakening?

Sunlight penetrates the rounded corner
of your shoulder
the zone brought upon by
gently shut eyes
resonates the outline of your body
like you are watching from the view of a bird.

Your head rests on your raised and slightly bent,
partially folded arms
as your stomach presses
against the cushion
of warm, fine sand.
Slowly you scan
the present vibrations
rhythmically beaming
from the center
of your body.

Might you take notice
of what is old
or what is new?

To me,
to you,
may float a different side of the coin.
I assure you, still,...
it is the same coin.

So, to be washed out
is to be awakened.

The question remains.
What do you awaken to?
A new piece to the bigger picture?
More or less,
a "new" piece.

New doesn't mean new.
It easily could mean rediscovered.
There may not be really anything new.
Even the birth of a roaring dawn
might be anything but new.
New is only of the conditioned mind.

Dive in to the basin that dares no entry of any uttered word.

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