Thursday, July 8, 2010

The 3:30 AM Shooting Star

Soaking in virtual reality I was with a certain universal relativity hovering over my presence when the figure of a child walked towards me from the hallway. It was nearly pitch black in my eyesight when I looked away from the computer. It was a very vulnerable hour of a brand-new day. The dawn was slowly floating onwards to the moon that seemed to contentedly hang perfectly angular amongst the speckles of glowing dots also known as stars. Still, dawn was taking its sweet time when that I realized the child was my daughter in pain.
"Mama, my leg huuuurts. It realllly hurts."
"Oh, are you doing some more growing?"
"This really hurts a lot more than those times."
"Really? Breathe it out. Come lay besides me."
I set a place for her right next to me on the floor in Grandma's living room. I looked at her as she gulped down a good sip of water granting way to a belief of further relief. As she caught her breath after a longer sip, Autumn looked up at me with big, peering eyes. Finding myself mesmerized by the color of her eyes, it was just always a long ripple of a mental wave trying to name a known shade of green. Well, I can't just settle for hazel. After kissing her forehead, I looked in her eyes and told her the pain is only going to subside without words. Only brief moments after I returned to the good-as-invisible tubes of virtual reality, Autumn, my daughter, insisted the pain was taking over her peace of mind.
"Okay, tell you what, let's get up.", we stood up and headed for the door of the apartment building that I've known for too long. I will say some "too long's" achieve a sweet place in the heart, anyway. However, the apartment building did not always have doors enclosing its entry. Pushing the door open looking back facing Autumn, she looked at me with a gleam of something like calm zest in her eyes.
Quietly we set off barefooted for the whole block. Two whole different realms of memories were going through Autumn's and my minds as our bare feet rhythmically hit the cement. As a split second took place, a thought shot to mind and made me chuckle from the inside, "I am taking my daughter on a 3:30 AM walk. This excellent mark probably will last me for a long time."

About 16 inches shorter of a horizon carried a girl of seven and half peering about her world in a way she's never seen before. A grin infallibly found its home on her sweet face as she looked slightly up towards me, "We are walking in the middle of the night!"
"Yup, we sure are." I confirmed the reality of her delight.
By this time, we were more than halfway around the block. Our view right then was a little playground below the wondrous sky colored in a shade of midnight blue. So many tiny glowing dots seemed to smile upon us. As a heightening crispiness of silence fell upon our smiling beings, a shooting glowing dot fell right in my eyesight. A very confirmed sense of magic instantly warmed the veins of my body that so happened to parallel as a channel. Right then, I knew it did not matter if Autumn saw the shooting star or not because we were one. Separateness is only an illusion, yes, a rather persistent one as Albert said reality was.

Well, life is one beautiful illusion and can you just imagine the beauty of truth?


  1. Thank you for sharing :) Beautifully written as always. We enjoyed reading this and there was several lines that popped out. Ajar is used perfectly here.
    You are such an amazing mother. Autumn is already amazing.
    This really should become published. I found a website today for something like this and will share with you. Also, a children's book would be awesome. This sounds like a new generation.

    I had to take a deep, long and slow breath after reading your The 330AM Shooting Star as if I was inhaling and absorbing your thoughts in life. I feel alive now...WOW! Thank you for sharing. Ali and I would be the first in line at a bookstore, a local of your preference, for your book signing day. We will be there.


  2. Dearest Ali & Lee,

    Your messages made me beam inside out. Thank you for your incredible thoughts... :) Thanks also for the lift of clarity.... I just must pave further on the road I am apparently starting out on.
    Heheheh to "first in line at the bookstore, a local of your preference, for my booking signing day." That just sounds LIKE a dream! I hope we all will be something like fellow locals either way somehow one of these days.
    More or less, you both are so awesome, your spirits truly speak to me and I'm forever grateful for that. Can't wait until the next time we visit.

    Love always.