Saturday, November 14, 2009

the sense of being alive

So, is it....
to connect
to disconnect?

Then, you might have been told
that you have your own road.
others may beg to differ.
They say, be like a heifer.
Follow the rest,
stumble onward in a straight line lest
the ultimate destination be a slaughter house.

Why leave the house
just to choke on false prejudice?
They say damage lies within the loss of objectivity.
I say...
to live rationally
is a shove towards ethereal spoliation.

Rove from the objective eye for once
and walk by all contraries.
After all,
being told how to participate
is but an imposition.
An imposition to what, you may ask,...
an imposition to the development of what is often unjustly shriveled.
The shriveled lies in the dormant core of a human behind a mask.
Lies the shriveled in so many
that it makes my head spin
like a disembodied fin.

Do not let this confuse you.
Let's just chalk this up as
a pep talk
about a way of life.
Like a beehive,
you never know how much life lies within
until you shake awake.

1 comment:

  1. True... If we are living among the false, let's make it as comfortable as possible. Learn politics. Ha. :) however, This is real stuff. Wow good writing.