Monday, November 2, 2009

a thought on a piece

"Take Your Son, sir!"
by Ford Madox Brown (1851-6)
::oil on canvas::

Words dribble like the salvia of a starving dog.
Actions leap like a jaguar capturing its prey.

Still, bless all the children that roam in this... world.
Let them be with whole hearts
and know love.


  1. De Leo Buscaglia para ti
    "Vivir en el amor es vivir en el centro de la vida, y vivir en el centro de la vida es vivir en el amor."
    From Leo Buscaglia for you
    "Living in love is living in the center of life, and live in the center of life is to live in love."

  2. amen. I just read that book, well, about a year ago. Awesome. Thanks Ricardo.