Saturday, September 12, 2009

Turbulence of the Mind

States of my mind come and go
quite just like
the seasons come and go.

Served by the illumination of a perfect summer day,
I easily thrive like a gecko
only on that day, anyway.

Fathomed by a grey autumn day,
I pause more often
to the stillness
of the bay.

Are my eyes playing tricks on me?
I ask the divine
as I stand stunned
on a pleasantly frigid winter day.
"How did winter get here so quickly?"
More Silence.

As fragrant blossoms arrive,
wonders begin to dance in my head,...
as they begin to find their places
in my head
and make me believe
they have settled.
Just about when they do,
they are softly but quickly blown into the gentleness
of the spring breeze.

In all four seasons
that take their turns
in a sweet year.

The mind can only follow the heart.
Silently I am reminded
of the vast course in life
I must take on.

Oh, how I must take it well.
Seasons of life,
whatever fruit that moves you.
Devour it to the core
with your mouth.
See what you are left with.
The marrow of such fruit
what you are left with.
When a season departs,
we are left with
the marrow
of the given atmosphere.

Oh, how we must go on.
The summer air gives to the fall breeze
the fall breeze begin to drop icicles...
the icicles transform into puddles
of hydration just for spring.

Oh, what it takes to just spring back,...
Oh, such states of the mind.

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