Sunday, September 27, 2009

Breaking Free

One, two, three,...
well, yes, I am checking.
one, two, three,...
you know,
I am kinda having trouble
getting out of my seat.

I think the quieter
I wonder,
it mists into a ponder.
A reality in the mind of mine marches on.
A forest of truth awaits seekers.
It is where true freedom lies.

Must freedom ring,..
what would be of its ring?
Might it be the salvation of aloneness,
the medicinal relief in loving and being loved,
maybe chopping wood and carrying water?

Zen in,
Zen out.
It could become a trend.
People of the 21st century are, ahem, can be such whores.
Pardon, but whoring happens.
After all,
trends usually involve whoring.
Addictions include whoring...
I trust you get the picture.
Whoring, set aside from the duties of a prostitute,
is the means of excessive usage.
Clearly, that does not evoke freedom.

how is true freedom truly defined?.
Freedom is beyond words.
Freedom is way past flesh.
I quote Ecclesiastes,
"Even the breeze on the arm is vanity."
Yes, a bit ironic.
I am saying a word is beyond words.
It happens.

So, tell me,
help me...
it is our journey.
Well, we are in the same lifetime.
We owe it to ourselves and the future generations
if there must be any more.
How do we break free?

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