Sunday, January 2, 2011

A Message to the Sea

Dearest Chief,

How must I wonder of your grandeur. So many things are rhetorically aesthetic on this plane of awareness. It makes sense how we hang onto words when there is far more value in silence. I suppose there is a significant reason or two why our minds are heavily plunged under the influence of language.
There is a conviction somewhere inside me that speaks of true resonance in purposeful living. My consciousness is occasionally graced with the understanding that we don't understand because we need to ride in the dark to realize the light. Here's to brevity in language and overflowing love.
Grazie, Chief.


  1. (heh... how's that for brevity in language? Expressed with overflowing love, no less. :))

  2. Ha ha, very well done in brevity and overflowing love is in every other air molecule if not every single one. Nifty stuff. :)