Monday, August 16, 2010

A fine Questionnaire to Self

So, now I need permission to rant?
Permission from myself, even?
What sense is this?
When does one know one's mind is utterly warped?
What good is ranting?
What good is marveling?
Isn't there plenty more good in marveling?
So, bringing a rant on is only emitting a rant?
If clearing a rant is omitting a rant, how does one clear it?

You know, I figure I would get this off my chest.
A rant or not, who would frinklin' notice.
At this point, things feel rather vain...
Ain't jack I can do about it.
As soon as I'm out of the clouds,
I probably will better see how I can mound this nonsense.

Still, hanging I am onto a thread of pure gratitude.

Actually, I probably should just take up baking and cleaning.

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