Saturday, February 27, 2010

Just like an adhesive

Have you ever thought
of flesh
as a form of adhesive?

It is so the truth
as the sun meets the horizon,
I sense a great relief
for that sleep is near.
Maybe be it the glow of night
that aspires the adhesive to loosen
just enough.

Creatures of the night,
creatures of the day,
creatures of the same adhesive:
Different drives,
different lights,
different approaches,
yet the same creatures.
How very interesting.

I love the daylight
as I love the moonlight.
Still, a certain freedom stands about the night.

If anything,
it is like a little bit of freedom
from the sear of daylight.

Valid or not as a rhetoric,
there is a power about the night.
It loosens the adhesive
allows a bit of freedom.

Put this in any light you like.
It is the nature you breathe
and bring to create.

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