Tuesday, July 7, 2009


"Sometimes when you think you are waiting, you aren't waiting."

Every dawn the sun rises,
every night the sun sets.
Every dawn the sun greets,
every night the sun salutes.
Who ever is there?

The sun is always there,
coming and going...
always warming somewhere
with its luminous presence.

The question is
who remembers,
who realizes,
who embraces,
who looks up to greet and salute the sun.

We forget.
We slumber in our thoughts.
Life runs by us.
It is just easier to sink than to swim...
in consciousness.

Get it on.
The speed is on.
No one really knows it.
Do you get it?
It is going faster than we think.
We are always on the edge of the plank.

We are never waiting.


  1. Hola.Muy bello.
    Siempre estoy esperando.

  2. wow. you did it again.
    true, it is easier to sink...

    velocity. I love that word. :)
    funny because Lee loves that word too.

    Steph, you write gracefully... beautifully. this is all true. a piece of life that is just the ultimate truth. its good to read something like this and really think about it. people need this thought.

  3. Hello.
    Good morning.
    Quiero ser tu amigo.

  4. Hello Ricardo. Did you say you wanted to be my friend?